Sailboats in the water with blue skies. View of the city in the background.

Discover Hamilton

Well known throughout Canada and the world as a centre for sport, Hamilton is proud to welcome visiting sailors to Hamilton Harbour. The harbour's unique climatic, geographic and hydrographic conditions make it an ideal venue for sailboat racing. Its proximity to Niagara Falls, Toronto and other popular tourism destinations make Hamilton an excellent base for day trips.

The Hamilton area is a rare coupling of topography and human settlement, one of a handful of urban centres in North America that is encircled by a bay of significant size which in turn serves as an international port. Because of its unique conditions, the bay is often populated with power and sail craft; jet skis playfully slap the crests of waves, while steering clear of windsurfing enthusiasts. Bayfront Park and Pier 4, acres of former industrial landfill restored to a green area, are alive with walkers, runners, roller-bladers and kids playing on the landlocked tugboat, the twisting, turning tubes and slides, or running through the water toys. The Hamilton Harbour serves as home to a number of yacht clubs and it hosts a number of events during the year. Hamilton's 1,500 kilometres of trails invite hikers, bikers and window-shopping naturalists to explore the verdure of Hamilton’s forests and botanical exhibits.

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