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Bill Cheek Memorial Turkey Regatta

The Bill Cheek Memorial Turkey Regatta is a Pursuit Race. In this format, boats receive staggered start times based on their PHRF ratings, i.e. the slower boats start first, followed by faster and faster boats, with the scratch boat starting last. This eliminates all those crowds at the start. It also makes crystal clear how you’re doing against the competition: the first boat to the finish wins, simple as that.

For those who say a pursuit racing is uncompetitive, those would be dead wrong. There’s nothing like watching some guy with 10 feet more LOA walking up on you from astern to get you tweaking those control lines. It’s the same thing if you’re the one with the extra LOA trying to reel in those little guys as you all drive for the finish at the same time trying to get that gun. 

Saturday October 6th ​

  • Skippers Meeting at 1215hrs

  • First Gun at 1325hrs

  • $25 Registration Fee until October 4th Midnight

    $30 Late Registration Fee 

Online Registration

Notice of Race  Sailing Instructions


Turkeys will be awarded to the first 3 boats in each fleet to sail the course and finish.  Chickens will be awarded to all other boats sailing the course and finishing.