Board and Bridge

We are truly delighted to welcome you to The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club's new website. RHYC has been successfully fulfilling the needs of social and boating families for over 130 years and our diverse membership seeks us out from well beyond the boundaries of the City of Hamilton. 'We will treat you royally' is the commitment we make to everyone who enters our doors. The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club is that extraordinary facility for entertaining socially, for your boating or racing needs, and is that place that you and your family can call yours. Please feel free to visit our website and contact us for more information.

The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

555 Bay Street North, Hamilton, ON Canada L8L 1H1
Phone: 1 (905) 528-8464
Fax: 1 (905) 528-2622

Council of Flags

Paul Cavanagh
    Vice Commodore Yachting & Cruising
Clarke Perry
    Vice Commodore Docks & Boats
David Numan
Vice Commodore Pools and Grounds
Mick Belisario
    Vice Commodore Sail & Power Boat Training
Warren Norwood
    Vice Commodore Social & Entertainment
Gina Milanese
Past Commodore
Jan Graves Passmore
Cindy Brown


Board of Directors

Board of Directors meet the third Wednesday of each month.