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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Guest Policy?

The purpose and spirit of the rules and policies governing guests, is to keep the club as a private club, and to reserve facilities and services for members, to the greatest extent possible, and to provide for moderate entertainment for guests.
RHYC members are welcome to use the club to entertain guests. All guests are required to be signed in, and in the company of the RHYC member.
The RHYC member is responsible for any debt incurred, damage or liability occasioned by their guests, and is responsible for the behaviour, conduct and adherence to club rules by their guest(s).
Any obvious attempt to circumvent the spirit of the rules shall be reported to the manager, who may take suitable action and/or refer the matter to the Board for any action deemed necessary. The club reserves the right to limit visits to the club by guests who are deemed by the manager to be creating a nuisance, or to be abusing our Guest Policy, through excessively numerous visits.