Sailboats cruising on the lake. Forest of trees and industrial buildings in the background.

$40 For Ages 39 & Under

As an Intermediate Member you’ll receive full membership privileges which means full use of the restaurant and bar, special rates at our youth & adult learn-to-sail program, and our private rooms for business meetings or those special family gatherings and much more. Our many Social events throughout the year bring members and their families together both on and off the water. Enjoying a live band on the patio overlooking the water with friends and family is an ideal way to wind down a hectic week. 

Here’s how:

The small print: You’ll pay $40ish a month and that will cover your annual dues and initiation fee* and there’s a small food and beverage minimum each quarter. Some other restrictions may apply so call 905-528-8464 x221 to arrange for a tour and get the rest of the story about how to take advantage of this special $40 for Ages 39 & Under.

*Note: all remaining monies owed on the $500 Initiation Fee must be paid when moving to 40-64 age category.

Membership Application