Sailing boat



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Member Fees:
  • Winter Boat Storage                           $3.72/sqft
  • Mast Storage: Up to 29ft                    $182.00
  • Mast Storage: Over 30ft                     $249.00                                                          
  • Summer Cradle Storage                    $182.00          
Boats on Trailers
  • Dinghies on Rack                   $121.00
  • Dinghies on Trailers                $216.00
  • Boats under 23ft                     $371.00
  • Boats 23ft to 30ft                    $460.00
  • Boats 31ft and over                $781.00
  • Summer Trailer Storage         $355.00
For boats on trailers, if you choose to store your mast on the boat for winter storage, the length of the mast will be included in the determination of the overall length of the boat.          
Please note: Haul-out and Launch are weather dependent. 2020 Launch Date will be finalized closer to launch. All fees listed do not include HST.
Mast Removal – Prior to launch