2022 Cruises

Interested in joining other Cruising Enthusiasts?

With the shortage of slip space over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to arrange individual reciprocal dockage at some clubs. This is especially true at the Toronto Clubs. More and more Clubs are organizing Reciprocal Group  Cruises that guarantees dock space when they arrive – especially long weekends. Participating in a RHYC Cruise eliminates the stress of finding a slip. In most cases slips are assigned and available prior to leaving your dock.

Sail and Power Boats are welcome to participate on all 2022 Cruises. Reciprocal Cruises have become popular, so there will be a restriction in the number of boats that can participate. The number will be available on each Cruise’s link.


RHYC Reciprocal Cruises for 2022

Please register one member per boat.


Holiday Weekend

Cruise Dates



June 18 to 19

Oakville Yacht Squadron
Sunday June 12 - 12pm

Canada Day Weekend

July 1 to 3

Etobicoke Yacht Club

Sunday June 26 - 12pm

July 16 to 17 

Fifty Point Yacht Club

Sunday July 10 - 12pm

Civic Holiday Weekend

July 30 & 31, and  August 1

Port Credit Yacht Club
Sunday July 24 - 12pm
  August 12 to 14

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Sunday August 7 - 12pm

Labour Day Weekend

September 3 to 5

National Yacht Club

Sunday August 28 - 12pm

For any cancellations, please cancel by the Wednesday before the cruise. 

How To Sign Up For a Cruise
  • Go onto the RHYC site
  • Log in as a member
  • Go to “Boating” at the top and click
  • Scroll down to “Cruising” and click
  • Now in “Cruising” site and if scroll down you will see a chart with the 2022 Cruises
  • Pick the Cruise you want to attend and click on “Register” under the name of the Club
  • This will take you to the Cruise Page – top right click on “Register”
  • Follow the prompts to complete registration for the Cruise
  • Once you register you will receive a confirmation from RHYC that you have made a reservation
  • Registration is required by the Sunday prior to the Cruise so that information can be communicated between the participating Clubs

Registration Instructions

We have historically started with a short cruise to Oakville for the first cruise of the season, either Oakville Yacht Squadron or Oakville Club. Only 11 miles from the Canal  makes a good shakedown cruise for any new Cruisers. Land is never more than a mile or two away and there is always another RHYC Cruiser within eyesight.

On our Long Weekend Cruises when we stay two nights at a reciprocal cruise we travel to a destination that is about 20 to 25 miles away. We have visited Port Credit Yacht Club , Mimico Cruising Club, Etobicoke Yacht Club , National Yacht Club, Boulevard Club and Royal Canadian Yacht Club in the Toronto area and Dalhousie Yacht Club in St. Catharines.

Mid July  we have our traditional cruise with Fifty Point Cruising Club. Just go through the bridge turn right (starboard) and head towards the point of land six miles down the lake. Fifty Point is one of the friendliest Clubs on the Lake, always make us feel welcome and are extremely social.

For the 2022 Season we have created a “Mid-Summer” Long Weekend with a two day Cruise to Royal Canadian Yacht Club scheduled for Friday, August 12th and Saturday August 13th. We don’t need much of an excuse to create an additional long weekend during the short summer season.

No matter what cruise you attend, plan to participate in the social event. It is a great way to get to meet, trade stories - there is certainly no shortage of advice available. The social events are informal and details are available on the link for each cruise. Social events have been as simple as a late afternoon drinks and apps,  and potluck dinners to trivia nights.

Each Cruise needs a Cruise Captain. Cruise Captains coordinate with the reciprocal club and plan the social event for the cruise.

For more information on Cruising Events at RHYC please email For a list of reciprocal clubs go the reciprocal page in the Cruising area of the RHYC website.