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Hamilton Red Zone Update (November 18, 2020):

With Hamilton in the Red Zone, there are a few updates in regards to dining with us that we ask you review prior to coming down. We have currently set 90 minute time slots available for reservation which you can book online, on the Clubhouse app or by calling extension 224. We are only able to accommodate 10 patrons at one time during these time slots, with a maximum of 4 persons per table. You will be notified of last call 20 minutes prior to your reservation end. If the following time slot is not fully booked, you may ask your server if you can stay and we will accommodate if we are able on a first ask basis. Outside dining or fires require no reservation, and will still be full service to a maximum of 25 persons, and no more than 4 persons per table/fire pit. Takeout will also be available during operational hours.

If you have any questions in regards to the new updates please contact or call extension 228. 

CLICK HERE for Hours of Operation

Pre-Orders are welcome! Feel free to leave a voicemail with you phone number, and we will call back to confrim your order!