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Sailpast Boating Registration



Sailpast Boating Registration


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Sailpast 2023 

June 4th 

Sailpast is a nautical tradition meant to bring a yacht club together for a common purpose. In days of old, it was to show the Commodore that our fleet was ready for duty, should we be called upon. Nowadays, it is a sign of the start of a new sailing season.

We have many club members who do not own boats and would love to share in this tradition. We are inviting skippers, as they register for Sailpast, to invite these land-locked members to join them aboard their vessels as we salute the Commodore and show our support for the club.

Have a boat: Have a boat and are ready to take on some landlubbers? Wonderful! We will need to know how many guests you can host. Please double-check that you have enough life vests for all. 




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Boat LOA - 22ft to 24ft

Boat LOA - 30

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Boat LOA - 33 to 34

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Boat LOA - 36- to 39

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Boat LOA -25 to 29